Our Story

Our Mission 

“…to preserve and promote the health and wellbeing of the Members of the First Nation and to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and sustainability of the First Nation, both for those Resident On-Reserve and for those Resident Off-Reserve.” 


The Chapleau Cree First Nation Community Trust (the “Trust”) was established concurrently with the ratification of the Chapleau Cree Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement (TLE), on the ratification date, as ratified by Chapleau Cree Members, on January 17, 2016.

The Trust is managed by elected Trustees and one administrative (corporate) Trustee who is selected through a competitive bidding process, by the Elected Trustees. The Trust is non-political and is governed independently of the Chapleau Cree First Nation (the “First Nation”), by the Trustees, as directed and guided by the Deed of Trust (“Deed”).


Purpose of the Trust as defined within the Deed of Trust


Preserve and promote health and well-being


Support community Development initiatives


Promote the advancement of Education


Promote, protect and preserve Heritage and Culture


Promote Community Economic Development


The Trust is funded by a portion of the TLE financial settlement set aside in early 2016. The investments of the Capital of the Trust are managed by an independent professional Investment Manager, selected by the Trustees.
The capital of the Trust was locked for a full five years after the Ratification Date of the TLE (January 17, 2016) to allow time for growth and to establish a set of processes and practices to support the allocation of income annually to fund community-led projects that support the predetermined goals as listed above.
The Deed refers to the end of this 5-year period as the ‘Anniversary Date’. Each year after the Anniversary Date, the Trust will produce a certain amount of Net Income that can be approved for community-led projects that are qualified under one or more of the Purposes of the Trust — to ultimately benefit the Community (“Qualifying Projects”).


As defined by the Deed, only Qualifying Projects are eligible for funding and must be submitted by: 

  • Eligible Members, where a Member means a living person, listed on the First Nation Membership List at the time of submission of their proposal, who is at that time an adult of 18 years or older, and who is not suffering from a cognitive disability
  • The First Nation itself
  • Corporations of which at least 51% of the votes and value is owned beneficially by Eligible Members and/or the First Nation

Qualifying projects must benefit the Beneficiaries which means all Members of Chapleau Cree First Nation living either in the community or away from the community (i.e., on or off-reserve).

Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities will be made available annually through a formal call for proposals that will be distributed to community Members in hard copy via Canada Post electronically via email where possible. An online application form will be posted on the iamcree.ca website.

The Trustees are not permitted to receive responses to the call for proposals directly in any way.