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Award of our First RFP to Jennifer David

Drum Beat
Published: May 11, 2023

We have an exciting update for the CCFN Community! Last November, we launched our first RFP where we called for proposals to document “Our Treaty Land Entitlement Journey”, from CCFN’s first signing of Treaty 9 to the establishment of the Fox Lake reserve, our TLE settlement, and through to the present day.

Jennifer DavidThe Trustees are very pleased to announce that we have awarded this RFP to band member, Jennifer David (nee Jennifer Swanson), to write this history for our community. For the evaluation of the RFP, the Trustees solicited interest from Band members to join an evaluation committee. This resulted in an evaluation committee of 4 members who additionally certified that they had no direct conflict of interest with either the two RFP respondents.

The evaluation of the RFP, and the selection of Jennifer’s proposal, was unanimous, and it was in no way influenced or decided upon by the elected Trustees. The Trustees would like to thank the RFP evaluation committee for their dedication of time to review and evaluate the proposals received through the RFP process.

For those of you who don’t know Jennifer, she is the daughter of Bunny and Buddy Swanson. Jennifer has a degree in Journalism and English, and a Bachelor of Arts, both from Carleton University. She has already written 2 books; Original People, Original Television: The Launching of the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, and Story Keepers: Conversations with Aboriginal Writers.

Jennifer’s proposal was very strong, and it involves a team of people, two of whom are CCFN band members. She and her team plan to conduct interviews with band members, in addition to conducting other research, and eventually produce an eBook that will be shared on our website. We look forward to supporting Jennifer and her team toward this ambitious goal which will benefit our entire community.

We will keep you posted on this website on the progress of Jennifer’s project which is expected to take a year in development.

If you are interested in participating in Jennifer’s project, with information, stories or pictures, please contact Jennifer and her team at the email address [email protected] or by text and phone at 613-447-2895.

P.S. We have done our best to communicate the new website to band members through the email addresses that we have. If you have not received communication from us, please send an email to [email protected] and we will add you to our distribution list.