pathway through forest

Project Name

Culture and Heritage

Project Status

① Request For Proposals

Submission Deadline

December 20, 2023 11:59 pm

As described in the Deed, Projects supported by the Trust must benefit all members of the Community, both on and off Reserve. In addition, there are five Purposes of the trust which are outlined in the Deed and on this page.

This RFP calls for Proposals to support the Purpose “Promote, Protect, and Preserve Heritage and Culture”. Proposals can be submitted in various sizes so as to fit several smaller projects reflecting differing areas of Heritage and Culture.

Step 1

Program Eligibility


RFP Timeline

Project Funding

Evaluation Criteria

Step 2

Please Download the RFP Form below. This fillable document has to be completed and submitted back before the submission deadline.


Step 3

Upload your completed RFP Word document and any additional files supporting your proposal here before the submission deadline.