Join our Proposal Evaluation Committee

Drum Beat
Published: November 13, 2023

For this year’s Request for Proposals on ‘Culture and Heritage’, we are again asking Community Members to participate in a member-based Evaluation Committee. We envision that the Evaluation Committee will contain youth through elders, and it will be a team of 4 to 6 people. There would be a level of honoraria that is provided for the evaluation time that you would need to provide. From a time perspective, the commitment is not large, you may require one day to review the proposals and rate them against the criteria, and another half day to review the evaluation team results as a group to make a selection.

If you would like to participate or be considered, please fill out the contact form here on our website and state your interest in the Evaluation Committee and we will include you in that process. Depending on the level of interest, we may include all that apply or we may need to randomly select a subset of those interested.

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