Chapleau Cree First Nation’s Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Trustees are hereby calling for Community Proposals to document our TLE journey from its earliest beginnings to today, five years after the TLE settlement agreement was ratified

This year, the total amount available for Qualifying Projects, specifically for the documentation of our TLE journey, is $50,000. While your proposal can include additional or different areas of investigation, the following questions are provided for your consideration in drafting your proposal.

  • Where did our people come from?
  • Who were the families that came to form Chapleau Cree?
  • Were we the only people or did other people go elsewhere (Missanabie Cree)?
  • Which First Nations signed Treaty 9? Did Chapleau Cree sign it? Who did?
  • What is a Treaty Lands Entitlement case?
  • How many other First Nations communities in Canada have gone through a TLE
  • What kinds of things are they doing with their land and funds?
  • When did our TLE start and how long did the process take?
  • Who was involved in rallying the community behind the call to assert sovereignty
    over our Treaty lands?
  • What challenges did we face in dealing with multiple levels of government and
    what strategies did we made us successful?
  • What kinds of stories were collected about our territory, and about our families
    and kin who occupied the land?
  • When was our Agreement signed? How did our FN approve the agreement?
  • What do we know about how our people lived and the traditions they practiced?
  • What, exactly, did Chapleau Cree First Nation receive as part of our settlement?
    How much land? How much funding?
  • How was the Trust formed and what is its purpose?
  • How long will funding be made available for community projects?
  • What does the Treaty Land Entitlement mean for the future of our community and
  • Why should we care about it?